About Us

Massage is a great way to restore physical and mental balance to our lives.


Strathfield Thai massage was founded to provide authentic Thai massage in peaceful surroundings. Our massage techniques work to clear energy blockages, restoring balanced function and harmony to the body. We target and alleviate tension, stress and muscle fatigue. Thai Massage is about feeling and living better.

Thai massage has a long history, dating back several thousand years. Its origins lie in a sacred form of massage focused on both body and mind, combining acupressure techniques with deep stretching. These practices infuse positive energy, allowing individuals to feel refreshed, clear-headed and rejuvenated.

This traditional Thai form of massage is of great benefit for relieving stress, tension, anxiety, migraine headaches, sprains, bruises, and physical inflexibility. Unlike other forms of massage that focus mostly on relaxation and detachment our traditional Thai massage is about energy, awareness and active engagement with mind and body.

Our Staff at Strathfield Thai Massage has extensive training in this comprehensive form of massage. We invite you to experience these services yourself.